While I’m certainly not a professional, I’ve done a lot of “freelance” work with a variety of sites. Why no portforlio? Because me being the idiot that I am, it never occured to me to put one together, and I’ve lost track of everything I’ve done.

The site you’re looking at right now is a good place to start, if you want to know what kind of work I do.

So what can I do? My expertise is mainly with Wordpress, the most popular blogging software out there.

Wordpress install

In about 20 minutes from the time you give me your information I can get you up and running with a copy of wordpress running on your domain with the theme and plugins you specify.

Price: $5 Contact me

Wordpress Maintenance

Need some plugins set up? Need some layout tweaks? Don’t want to go through a lot of hassle? I can do it for you. Get in touch and let me know what you need.

Price: Negotiable. Contact me

Blog design- blogspot

While I don’t like the idea of anyone using splog*spot for blogging, it does the job. If you’re running something on blogger and are happy with it, but want a more unique look, then I’ve got you covered.

Price: $20-$50 depending on the job Contact me

Blog design- Wordpress

Now we’re talking. I can give you a fully functioning and smart looking theme for your Wordpress blog that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Price: $35-$75 Contact me

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