Why pay when you can get it free?

Yesterday my computer was overheating and randomly shutting down, so I brilliantly decided it would probably be a good time to make a “backup”. I say “backup” and not backup, because I don’t do a normal backup. The only two programs I really do a backup on are Mozilla Thunderbird and Mozilla firefox, because they take so freaking long to customize to how you had them before. Other than that, I like to start clean, so I make a list of every single piece of softare I use and the URL to download it from and save it as a text file. When I have to go back and redo my computer, it only takes a few hours.

I made a backup last night, and I was stunned to find that…I don’t pay for a single piece of software. None. Every single piece of software I use is free as in beer. Free ranges from stuff like firefox to stuff like Windows Media Player 10.

Here’s an idea of what my list looks like:


Foxit PDF‭ ‬‭
Open Office ‬‭
Cute PDF‭ ‬


Thunderbird‭ ‬
Filezilla‭ ‬
Seamonkey internet suite
Mozilla Firefox
Opera‭ ‬

Real Player
WMP‭ ‬10‭ ‬
Deep Burner
Itunes‭ ‬

Zone Alarm‭ ‬
Crap Cleaner
AVG‭ ‬

7-zip‭ ‬
MW Snap‭ ‬
Mozy Backup‭ ‬
Clear Type‭ ‬
Easy uninstaller

Irfanview‭ ‬
Gimp Shop‭ ‬

Google Earth
Desktop Weather‭ ‬
‭Make windows look like mac

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