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I’ve done some tweaking with the permalink setttings over the last few weeks, so some entries were linked to at URLs that no longer work.

At one point I had the permalinks set to resiny.org/entry/postid. At another point I had them set to resiny.org/year/month/day/postid. I now have them set to resiny.org/postid.

If you’re getting a 404 on a post, check to see if the URL is something like resiny.org/entry/21 or resiny.org/2006/04/03/21. In either of those cases, just shorten the URL to resiny.org/21 and you’ll get what you’re looking for.

As for why I have the permalinks why I do- short URLs are one of my fetishes. There’s nothing uglier than site.com/2006/04/10/really-long-stupid-boring-post-title#comments. Why have that when you can have site.com/84#comments?

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