Web hosting recomendations?

For right now I’m fine with Black Currant Hosting. It’s free, and I get enough to keep this website going.

Eventually, though, I’m going to need to upgrade. This is where you come in. If you’ve got a hosting recommendation, or you’ve been screwed by a host, then please feel free to leave a comment. As of right now I’m probably leaning towards Media Temple. I’ve heard some nice things about Dreamhost, but I’ve also heard that they oversell themselves and have terrible service.

A Small Orange gets good reviews for their customer service, but I would be paying money for their service, because their paid plan is no better than what I get now.

So, tell me what you think

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  1. 1 Dave Koen

    If you are looking to pay for hosting, I would recomend 1and1.com. Their beginner package starts at $2.99/ month and with that you get 1 free domain name, 5 GB web space, 500 e-mail accounts and 250 GB transfer volume. Thats just the basic package. And with all of their packages, you get a 90 day money back garuntee. They were also very helpful in helping me switch my domain over to their account.

    Here is a link to their hosting page… 1and1 hosting

    I would stay away from Doteasy. Their servers were down a lot and you pay through the nose for simple things like databases and use of php.

  2. 2 Jesse

    The one thread I saw on a forum had several former 1 and 1 customers saying they got screwed by them. Their hosting packages all look like great deals, but it almost looks as though they could be overselling themselves. I’ll have to see if I can find some reviews of their service, because they’re awefully cheap

  3. 3 Jesse

    And yeah, doteasy does look a bit suspect

  4. 4 Jesse

    And for the comment I just deleted: Please no excessive self-promotion. You’ll get nuked every time

  5. 5 Ed Byrne

    In the next few days we’re going to be launching FREE blog hosting! To be fair it’s a fairly basic package, but you can point your own domain at it, there’s no ads, and it comes with Wordpress.

    It’s not launched yet … but if you want me to set you up with a *beta* just pop me a mail - ed@hosting365.com

  6. 6 Jesse

    Looks like a pretty nice site you have, Ed. I’ll definitely give it a look. Thanks!

  7. 7 Bryan

    How much space and resources do you require? We are looking to sponsor several blog owners and provide FREE hosting as part of our promotion. All we ask if for our 184×123 banner on your main page. Let us know if you’re interested… or if you’d like to work something else out.


  8. 8 Jesse

    Thanks Bryan, I’ll give you a guys a look

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